Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yummy Jimmy Choos for Spring

Ahh... It's almost spring time. Even though the weather isn't really permitting it yet, sandals and platforms are making their way at shop shelves and on those lovely internet stores. Bliss!

Shoe guru Jimmy Choo has some veeery interesting (and veeery tempting) suggestions for this spring.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gucci means class all the way

You gotta hand it to the Italians: design and style runs in their blood. No wonder so many fashion power houses are Italian. Gucci is one of my favorite brands as it oozes style from every aspect: from their ready-to-wear clothing line, to their handbags, to their frangrances to their shoes. Style. Power. Sensual sexuality. Nothing is over the top and yet everything manages to catch your eye. Now that my friends, is the trick to still be one of the most powerful and influential fashion houses, since it was founded in 1921.

Gucci shoes are so gorgeous, I just want to lick them. Seriously. Slim lines, the leather is so warm and welcoming to the foot, you just love the glam feeling it offers. From everyday wear to evening wear, Gucci shoes are the way to go if you are seeking class, glam and sensuality.

For everyday wear during Spring and Summer

A lushious blend of grey and brown

Sleek and sexy

Now this is what I call a night out south of my ankles

Ahh, bliss!

Make a note for It might come in handy.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring Breeze

Ok ok, I know, it's still fairly early to even think about walking in open toe shoes. But! I just love that once the Winter sales are over, all these beautiful colors and calming nude tones start making their appearance in stores. And I couldn't help but drool over some gorgeous must haves for this spring.

Ok ladies, let the ohs and ahs begin!

Yolanda Spikes by Christian Louboutins

Miu Miu perforated patent leather peep toe

Buckled twill sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti

Platforms by Lanvin

Platforms by Christian Louboutin

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Take me dancing to the Disco

I can't say that I'm a fan of the 70's disco-influenced decade (something to do with the huge flare on pants I suppose!) however, shoe designers are obviously reminiscing that shiny disco ball era and bringing it out on their shoes.

Glitter peep-toe by Miu Miu

(I stll haven't forgottern that Mohawk!) Electric blue suede pumps by YSL

Gold platform, gold and fuchsia straps and a multicolored glittering heel by Christian Louboutin

    Honestly, these designs actually make you want to break out in some kind of 70's tune.

Friday, October 1, 2010

We say 'NO' to mohawk!

The mohawk hairstyle is disturbing enough (imagine sitting behind one of those at the movies) but adding a touch of mohawk on shoes is clearly a fashion felony (and buyers should be prosecuted). Okay okay maybe I'm overreacting but the sight of these Yves Saint Laurent mohawk (I can't believe I'm even writing this) pumps brought me almost to tears.

It looks like someone hurt a pony to make these shoes. In my opinion a great pair of shoes should not remind a broom

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let it rain!

I hate it when summer ends. However, there's one good reason to look forward to leaves turning yellow, grey skies and temperatures going down: new season boots! Designers are keeping the thing high boots trend trendy for this winter as well and here are my (first) favorite picks of the season.

Signed by Burberry, this mouthwatering python boot is slick, sexy and needs do to some serious walking!

Although I've been drooling all over these the moment I saw them, I must admit that I would be quite reluctant to wear them, as it's kinda tricky to do so without looking trashy (or for trouble).
Thing is, leather and thigh high boots is a lethal combination if not worn correctly. By Christian Louboutin of course, who has the talent to always pleasantly surprise us and get in touch with out inner vixen.

Last but not least! If I had two grand to spare I'd definitely be running to the nearest Giuseppe Zanotti source and get me a pair of these. The luxurious suede material and the soft olive-green color is ideal for this season, which is based on earthly colors. I was never a fan of cowboy boots, but this design definitely inspires me to run off to the wild wild west!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am now a proud owner of this gorgeous Manolo Blahnik strappy d'Orsay sandal. It comes in a delicious light brown color, with straps that criss cross over the foot and place you 4 inches above ground level. The soft leather makes a walk in these delightfully comfortable and the open toe design is ideal for this early autumn season. If you're a size 36 you're in unbelievable luck, as it's on sale at Neiman Marcus.

Speaking of early autumn (and Manolo Blahnik of course!) you might want to take a look at these gems too. Open toe booties that tie right up to your ankle, that will bring out your wild wild west side.They're fantastic for funky ladies that like to spice up any ordinary outfit and bring the world at their feet (or at least, take notice of them). The price might sting a bit, put if you're willing you can grab your own pair here.